Karel Putrich

Karel Putrich (1910-1959)

Even before the Second World War, he was one of the most famous Slovenian sculptors, and since 1950 onwards, he also taught at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts. During 23 years of his artistic career Karel Putrich created an extensive collection of sculptures, representing the sum of his great spiritual as well as physical efforts.

  • From 1930 to 1934 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague the general course with professor B. Kafka, and the special course, the sculpture and medal making, with professor O. Španiel.
  • In 1935 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.
  • Until summer 1939 he had worked as an independent artist.
  • In 1950 he was appointed assistant professor of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, where he worked until his death.

His works can be divided into three major groups:

1. Free-standing sculpture
Large public monuments that represent either a component of an architectural object or an architectural monument by itself.
3. Portraits.

It must be highlighted, however, that the works from each of the individual groups were created in parallel. They often complemented each other, and even when the creation of one piece of artwork, for example a large public monument, took a long time, the artist was at the same time making small sculptures in his spare time, and when there were no such small pieces of art to make, he used to combine everything in a single large monument: a sculpture, a portrait, small sculptures. In this program, however, the artist's affinities were not equally distributed, so the program was more a reflection of our circumstances than his wishes.

Among other works he also created:

  • The portal of the People's Assembly building of the Republic of Slovenia with Z. Kalin
  • Monument to the fallen at Urh
  • A lot of portraits
  • Monument to the fallen soldiers in the First World War in Žiri
  • Portraits of national heroes in the National Liberation War Museum
  • Relief at Žale in Ljubljana
  • Youth and work, relief in the Podrožnik villa
  • Hostage in Kovor near Tržič
  • Worker with a compressor in Bled


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