Boštjan Putrich

Boštjan Putrich

Boštjan Putrich (1947 – 2008)

He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, where he also completed the specialization in sculpture.
To acquire further education, he studied at the Università Internazionale dell'Arte, Venice in 1971 and 1972, and later continued his studies in London and Paris.
His talents and abilities were also recognized in America, where in 1989 he was awarded the prestigious Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement, "Artitudes" in New York.
One of his great early works were stained-glass windows made together with the academy-trained painter Stane Kregar in the church Zaplaz Idrija Čatež and the church in Koseze.
His fame travelled so far that he mostly worked only for wealthy individuals from Europe, North America and Dubai.

Since summer 1972, he had participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, including Ljubljana, Rijeka, Murska Sobota, Skopje, Klagenfurt, Udine, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Ibiza, Baghdad, Seoul, New York, Paris and Belgrade.
He was one of the most progressive artists of all time. He knew how to create art expressing aesthetics, encouraging ambition and creativeness. All his works of art were made with great precision and love.

Art was his passion and life.
When you possess a piece of his artwork, you can realize what it means to do something for yourself and your soul.
Boštjan's works reflect his power which will be giving life inspiration to people for centuries to come.

Among many other works he also created:

  • General Rudolf Maister, before the Ministry of Defence
  • Numerous portraits
  • A lot of public monuments (e.g.: Monument at Prule)
  • Media awards (Viktor and Limona), award for wine (Bakhus), relief and statue of a special force’s policeman, award for the best book (Winged Lion) and many others
  • Celjanka water well in Celje in front of the Celje Fair
  • Interior decoration of large companies and hotels (e.g.: elephant statue in the Slon Hotel, the lion statue in the Lev Hotel…)


  • Student Prešeren Award of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana
  • Second award "Ex Tempore", Piran
  • Intart purchase award, Klagenfurt
  • Purchase award of the Eighth Biennial of Small Plastics, Murska Sobota.
  • Certificate of excellence for outstanding achievement in sculpture I.A.C., New York.
  • Certificate of excellence, ART Horizons, New York.
  • Certificate of excellence for outstanding achievement, '' Artitudes '', New York.


Rudolf Maister